About Oxford Similarity Checker

We can provide the most effective and state of the art document similarity checking solutions for clients worldwide.

Built using experience and knowledge

Our specialists and founding members obtained long-term experience maintaining a plagiarism checking solution. Oxsico combines the best traits of the plagiarism prevention service with an orientation towards organizations and business clients. Currently there is a huge niche for affordable paper similarity checking solutions. Those who offer such services currently charge a fortune. We seek to fill that void by making such services more affordable for our current and potential clients.

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Oxford Similarity Checker (Oxsico) is a professional plagiarism checker for any kind of organizations. Lets start controlling the plagiarism in your organization right now.
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We are a modern, quality-oriented, result-driven and no-nonsense attitude having service. The goal of building a sustainable similarity checking service which can be adapted and constructed individually stimulates the entire team to make Oxsico better, daily. We like to take it one day at the time because in this line of work you have to always be ready. Prepare for the unexpected or expected changes and implement the latest technological advancements for the betterment of customer experience.

No one gets in the way between us, and our clients. You always have a direct connection with our team and can reach out at any occasion. Some services only work through mediators or third-party support applications. We are different. Have a question or suggestion? Need clarification on specific details? Do not hesitate and reach out! We will reply quickly.

How is Oxsico adapted to the business of today

Two words – ‘Flexible innovation‘. The former indicates our versatility and a wide array of customizable options when it comes down to the service itself. From pricing options to digital solutions and being able to build your own software – our similarity checker is the very benchmark of autonomy. Innovation is a term that gets tossed around a lot these days. However, from our POV, innovation requires an idea, a vision and a certain skill set to make it work. We have all three as well as a passionate group of talent looking to make affordable similarity checking services available to you. The conjunction of these two words define how we run our service. With flexibility all around our services, including innovation implementation, we only do what is best for the user. With innovation, we seek to find the best technological advancements of the future and make them available to you – today.

Choosing Oxsico is beneficial for your business. With more than two million document checks every year, Oxsico definitely has the capability to add value to your brand and organization. One of our goals is to make similarity checking services more affordable. How do we do it?

  • High user autonomy
  • Making the most out of decentralized working conditions
  • Integrating API technologies
  • Lower markups
  • Building the system on the backbone of a proven industry leader

With the combination of these five factors, as well as a few key nuances, Oxsico – the Oxford Similarity Checker becomes the most reasonably priced high-end similarity or plagiarism checking software online. We can boldly state that is the best choice for a modern business. A business which prioritizes efficiency, results, is forward-thinking and wants to progress instead of stagnating. Oxsico is a part of a global trend to ‘Digitalize’ but has a fully bulletproof business model as well as a clear purpose and mission. While some brands and organizations just fall in love with the idea to move everything online or the digital space, nearly not enough of these cases result in success. Some of the solutions aren’t very valuable when made digital. We are. Checking documents manually is just very inefficient. Time, financial resources, as well as other resource consumption, is just crazy when documents are checked manually. However, making checking digital is nifty and beneficial for your business. Consumption of every resource becomes much much lower so funds can be allocated to other spheres and improving the business infrastructure or synergy.

Oxsico understands the realities of the business world

We know first-hand about what it takes to deliver a service which performs at a level that the user expects it to. However, in the 21’st century that is not enough. Now you have to be able to make a good first impression to match and preferably even surpass user’s expectations. We can deliver upon those promises and offer an uncompromised attention to every detail of the service. Our team knows that you do not wish to waste time. Oxsico is fully on board to develop, help implement and support an effective similarity checker software in your business.

The world we live and work in today, demands solutions and decisions to be made quickly. Without digital and technological advancements this would be almost impossible. We realize it and strive to provide you with the tools and measures for the betterment of your business and its profitability. Let’s work together to make the best possible service for you!

Choosing us makes your business better

We constantly track the market and its changes. From our perspective, the top-dogs have been sitting on their ‘throne’ for too long. Their promises for an industry-leading software are left behind. With insane profit margins and obscene pricing plans, only the wealthiest few percent could afford a long-term plagiarism/similarity checking service. Not anymore. Oxsico is going to change the market. You can try it out for free and if you like what you see – switch to the full premium experience. With 14 trillion sources, you are bound to find similarities or plagiarism if there are any. What else? Oh, just the fact that through API you will be able to construct and adapt the software to your liking. Pretty much no one else does that, but us.

Want to know more?

Just get in touch if you would like a consultation or for your questions to be answered. We are available via e-mail or if you reach out to us via the contact form. If you are still not sure about the service, how it works or just want additional information – do not hesitate and reach out. We will prove that Oxsico is the absolute best way to go in terms of plagiarism and similarity checking!

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