Get Ready For 80’000’000 Scholarly Articles

We are proud to present you that after a decade of work Oxford Similarity Checker has collected the database of ~ 80 million scientific articles.  We are extremely happy as this collection would really benefit you.

How big is the collection?

The collection is really big. It is nearly twice as bigger as the collection of the New York Library. And is the half of collection of the British Library – the biggest library in the world.

At the moment we are separating the data from our current database. During the process, you also will have the possibility to check your documents against this data.

The goals

Now the collection consists of about 80% of all DOI articles. Our goal is to achieve the 98 % of coverage of all DOI articles. This may take up to few years from us.

Which articles are included in the database?

Soon you will be able to check whether the article is included in the database or not. We are preparing to launch the tool to check the database by the DOI identifier. Wait to hear from us more.

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