OXSICO plagiarism detection - a wise tool for teachers

On average, teachers spend 15 hours a month checking student’s paperwork. Our tool can wisely help to reduce this time.

By using our program you will be able to manage all assignment processes: create, set permissions and limits, enroll students, assistants and check plagiarism in paperwork.

As teachers, our team by loving what we do seek not only for the best, the latest but also for the most personal

The best practice shows that avoiding plagiarism requires learning and applying the principles of good academic practice early in the school year. We know - education is the foundation for shaping society’s critical thinking and we are happy to join in this adventure!

Reach your goals in plagiarism

You can't learn anything from a mistake until you see that you've made it. Our text similarity report is easy to analyze and understand, it shows scores and source matches in different highlighter colors, and the entire window is dynamic and easy to use. Teachers can use tools to allow students to review their text similarity reports, comments, and student progress on a yearly basis.
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    Text similarity report

    In the report window, you will be able to review text overlaps with other sources, open original sources, allow commenting, exclude sources from evaluation, and download printable PDFs.
    In addition to similarity scores, we analyze and provide scores for paraphrasing, correct quotations, improper quotations, issues (cheating-detection). This indicators helps to teach students.

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    Create assignments and assign students to them easily. Students can upload multiple documents to one or different assignments. The educator will see all documents listed in categories: new submissions, reviewed submissions and unsubmitted.

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    Prevent plagiarism between classes

    In our system you will be able to create and use a school database. Adding documents to your own database will let you perform a document-to-document comparison. With Oxsico, you can be sure that there will be no duplicate documents uploaded within all your school classes. Full control of your data.

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    Use it within your current learning management system

    Oxsico similarity checker can be integrated with our API to any information system in a customized way. The solution supports LTI integrations, allowing our service to be used universally and quickly for any LMS.

We love innovation and we are always looking for new technologies and opportunities to lead with integrity and ensure plagiarism prevention and support of a highest quality. We guarantee efficiency, competitiveness and added value for your school.

Our goal is to help and serve teachers; that’s why using OXSICO is quick and easy. Our solution is a web-based service, here no installation is required. You can set up your institutional account in 5 minutes. Interface is friendly and intuitive, text similarity reports are dynamic and rich.

With the license you will receive

  • A program for plagiarism checks
  • Assignments (email, link, direct upload)
  • Extended scoring (paraphrasing, quotations, issues)
  • The widest language support (129 languages)
  • Contract Cheating feature
  • Full control of your data
  • LMS or API integration
  • Your private database
  • Real-time indexing
  • Statistics
  • Support
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We know how students cheat

Oxsico Contract cheating

We employ various cheat-detection techniques to prevent students from cheating. Students who are involved in plagiarism use some methods to avoid getting detected. With the growth of technology and tools readily available on the Internet, there are many tools that actually help accomplish all these plagiarism techniques. These different techniques allow students to avoid having their open access papers properly indexed in search engines, which means that the work is published when it should not have been. Cheat detection includes:

Cheating technology detection

We employ various cheat-detection techniques to prevent the possibility of cheating. Cheat detection includes:
Cheating technology detection

Detection of letters from different script

Our technology is capable of identifying characters inserted from other scripts. This allows similarity detection for the texts with replacements.

Inserting picture instead of text

Our technology is capable of identifying picture-based documents and extracting text from it prior to verification.

Rudimental characters from copying & pasting

When copying and pasting parts of the text from PDF files, sometimes some rudimental characters occur in pasted text.

Contract cheating

The practice of students engaging a third-party to complete assignments or paperwork are no longer tolerated and we have the tools for it

Ready To Set Up Plagiarism Control In Your Organization?

Our Strengths

The widest language support

The widest language support

OXSICO Similarity Checker is fully multilingual. We support 129 different languages and our algorithms work perfectly with a variety of writing systems including Greek, Latin, Arabic, Aramaic, Cyrillic, Georgian, Armenian, Brahmic family scripts, Ge’ez script, Chinese characters and derivatives (including Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese), Hebrew.

The quickest time of comparison

Oxsico checks documents efficiently and effectively. The average time of a check is 7 seconds per page vs. 10 seconds by our nearest competitor. This means a greater return on investment and ensures that you will get your reports 30% faster using our plagiarism checker.

Oxsico Supported Formats


OXSICO currently accepts the following file types for upload: .txt, .pdf, picture-based .pdf files, .rtf, .doc, .docx, .odt, .ods, .odp, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, jpg. Google Docs files, ZIP, TAR.

Ready To Set Up Plagiarism Control In Your Organization?

We cannot wait to expand our user-base and open new possibilities for organisations and businesses worldwide. Oxsico Similarity Checker for Universities and Schools!