Which DOI Articles Oxsico Checks Against?

As you may already know, our comparative databases include a huge collection of scholarly articles. DOI collection is really enormous, it is bigger than all the collection of the New York library – the third biggest library in the world. This collection really expands our clients’ experience of the plagiarism checking process.

Crossref’s DOI collection comprises of different type of scholarly material. At the moment of writing this article, there are 1.04 million DOI articles registered. This number includes:

  • 66,497 of Journals
  • 1,312,731 of Books
  • 64,601 of Conference Proceedings
  • 76,757,926 of Journal DOIs
  • 15,137,414 of Book DOIs
  • 5,698,727 of Conference DOIs
  • 3,601,892 of Components
  • 386,137 of Standards Titles
  • 302,503 of Standards DOIs
  • 25,007 of Databases
  • 1,776,981 of Database DOIs
  • 40,876,970 of Articles with References Deposited
  • 860,879,050 of Cited-By Links
  • 29,765 of Journal Title Level DOIs
  • 1,342,126 of Book Title Level DOIs
  • 19,730 of ConfProc Title Level DOIs
  • 257,199 of Dissertation Title Level DOIs
  • 611,171 of Report Title Level DOIs
  • 301,938 of Standards Title Level DOIs
  • 21,960 of Database Title Level DOIs
  • 2,947,660 of Unique DOIs with FundRef data

Our current dataset covers a bit more than 80 millions of these entries. Our goal is to cover at least 98% of this collection.

Which exact DOI entries there are in our collection?

To check if the exact DOI article is present in our database we have created a DOI checking tool for you. It may be found signed to our service.

DOI article checker tool

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