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At Oxford plagiarism control tool we have implemented two pricing models to suit any kind of organizations. We offer upload based pricing model for small or medium organizations. Also for those where plagiarism control is centralized to a few users.

For large organizations, universities, schools, colleges we offer user-based pricing model. You will be able to run the plagiarism control across your organization guaranteed by fixed price.

Service plans and pricing

There is more than one service package to choose from. Focused on flexibility, versatility and accessibility for the user, Oxford Similarity Checker provides a great many deals of which at least one should meet your needs.
Free trial
Free initial 25 pages
Additional trial pages on request
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Pay for usage
/ per 100 words
Suitable for organizations of all sizes
Unlimited users
Unlimited uploads
Advanced reporting
Full index control
Organization database
Flexible payment. Pay per usage.
No minimal payment period
No minimal order
Renewed when subscribtion or uploads ends
Choose this plan
User based subscription
/ per user / per year
Suits organizations who need unlimited access
Number of users capped by an agreement
Unlimited usage
Advanced reporting
Full index control
Organization database
Fixed price. Pay per user
Minimal payment period - one year
Minimal order - 300 eur
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