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Oxsico is meant to simplify the plagiarism checking experience for all types of educative organizations.
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Main features of the technology of plagiarism detection

Paraphrase detection

Paraphrasing is one of the most frequent issues in the world of plagiarism. Detecting it without Oxsico is time and resource consuming. Our paraphrase detection feature extends the detection of classic copy & paste plagiarism to a more enhanced form of plagiarism - paraphrasing. This problem is becoming more and more common every day. Synonyms, regrouping words and rewriting sentences could mean everything seems OK to the naked eye. However, if paraphrased the text loses its value and uniqueness. It could have devastating results. Oxford Similarity Checker misses nothing and will point out every instance of paraphrasing.

Paraphrase detection
Multilingual plagiarism detection

Multilingual detection

Most of plagiarism detection services are capable of detecting monolingual documents only. They also have a narrow support of languages they detect. Oxsico was constructed as a multilingual plagiarism checker and it is capable of detecting plagiarism in multilingual documents, written in more than 130 different languages.

Hidden plagiarism detection

Hidden plagiarism - is a wide range of techniques used to fool the eye as well as plagiarism checking software. Oxsico effectively deals with a lot of types of hidden plagiarism. Would it be artificial quotations, letter alteration, invisible symbol insertion or bunch of other techniques- we have it covered from start to finish.

Obfuscated plagiarism detection

Effective scoring

Our scoring includes the calculation and analysis of many different factors and criteria. This course of action allows us to thoroughly evaluate submitted papers and prevent the possibility of misleading or mistaking.

Identifying risks

Reports are here to help you out along the way. Very functional, easy to understand and generated quickly - Oxsico reports summarize and provide you with quality data which you can work on. Reports mimic the structure created and built specifically for you. This way you can decentralize, spot and manage risks. As you know, risk management is crucial for publishing or putting out quality content. Prevent plagiarism, reduce repetition, improve content.

Main features of the database for plagiarism detection

14+ trillion

The comparative database consists of more than 14 trillion websites, articles, books, journals, and periodicals. Wide partner integration allows maintaining such a large database.

  • Partner content
  • Our content

128 languages

The plagiarism detection is fully multilingual. The comparative database covers 128 different languages.

Support of 128 languages
Support of different diacritic letters
Support of ligatures

20+ million

The comparative database is expanded by 20+ million unique user documents, which are only available through our service.

  • Student's papers
  • University's papers
  • School papers
  • Content creator's content
  • Other papers

Improve the quality of study processes with Oxsico

Achieve amazing results with minimal effort

0 +

0 + mil

Years of experience

The infrastructure that Oxsico is built and developed on has been successfully operating and preventing plagiarism worldwide for over 2500 days.

Documents per year

More than 2 million documents is being checked with Oxsico each year.

Service plans and pricing

There is more than one service package to choose from. Focused on flexibility, versatility and accessibility for the user, Oxford Similarity Checker provides a great many deals of which at least one should meet your needs.
Free trial
Free initial 25 pages
Additional trial pages on request
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Suitable for organizations of all sizes
Unlimited users
Unlimited uploads
Advanced reporting
Full index control
Organization database
Flexible pricing. Pay per usage.
No minimal payment period
No minimal order
Renewed when subscription or uploads end
Choose this plan
User based subscription
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Suits organizations who need unlimited access
Number of users capped by an agreement
Unlimited usage
Advanced reporting
Full index control
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Fixed price. Pay per user
Minimal payment period - one year
Minimal order - 300 eur
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Oxsico can adapt services to suit your needs and meet your expectations

Understanding your requirements and objectives is important to us. We would love to create a truly unique and valuable experience for your organisation or business. Let's get in touch.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Take a look at the FAQ list to get answers to the most popular questions. We hope that these help you. However, if you do not find answers to your question - contact us via email or use the contact form!

1. When can we get started?

Why not immediately? 


The product is fully launched and available for you. Simply look at the available service plans and select the one which best suits your needs. After proceeding by creating your own personal account, you or members of your organisation can start uploading documents and checking them for plagiarism.

2. What is the best service plan?

There is no one absolute answer.


Oxsico can provide flexible opportunities for medium, large or small-scale organizations. If you are not sure about the number of uploads you are going to make throughout the year – choose the ‘Pay per upload’ plan. However, organisations that want to create access to Oxford Similarity Checker for lots of people – ‘User based subscription’ is the way to go.


Also, if you are having doubts or want to test things out – do it risk free by selecting the ‘Free membership’ plan.

3. What do I need in order to sign up?

For a free membership, you are just going to have to fill the registration form.


Other memberships are going to require a working payment method to be added to your account. After you complete it – you are done. Start checking and looking at your papers to spot and remove plagiarism.


Please note that you will not be able to use free trial unless the administrator approves your registration.

4. How much does it cost?

There are two general pricing plans. Each of them has a clear purpose and the final choice depends on your business model as well as the need for checking document similarity.


We recommend trying out the free version first. If you are sure after the trial period or before it – choose the ‘Pay per upload’ or select the ‘User-based subscription’. One is oriented towards more sporadic workloads while the other benefits those organizations which are trying to decentralize similarity and document plagiarism checking process.

5. What is your mission and vision?

Our mission: To provide fully functional and affordable document similarity checking solutions for clients worldwide.


Our vision: Help publishers, editors, organizations, and businesses of all spheres to ensure originality or documents they process.

6. How to get in touch?

Use the contact form on our website or contact us via email at:

Contact Oxsico

If you have any questions, enquiries or suggestions – send them our way. We will reply as soon as we have an answer!

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Quick facts

The birth story and why Oxsico matters

It’s what every editor, educational institution or business regardless of sphere could use. Around 30% of editors claim they face plagiarism almost on a daily basis. Obscene numbers, considering the desire for content and stream of information is increasing daily. We thought, hey, how can we help fix this problem which makes things so difficult for everyone. Our team and ideas come from a different, very successful plagiarism and similarity checker project which has received international recognition and success. So, people and the ideas at Oxsico indeed work. However, we have adopted a wider variety of functions, introduced more flexible pricing plans and added a ton more accessibility on top of a working backbone. Thousands of developing hours later, Oxsico, the high-class Oxford Similarity checker was born. Packed with innovative features, suited for large-scale businesses and small operations, Oxsico is the go-to tool for plagiarism eradication.


“Born out of the idea to provide more affordable similarity and plagiarism checking solutions for businesses, Oxsico can be built and developed in any way you want.”

Project launch let everyone here breathe a huge sigh of relief since the software avoided encounters with any significant issues. Now, moving forward with high energy, the team at Oxsico is patiently and anxiously waiting for the opportunity to hear client feedback. The most important part, we believe, to making Oxford similarity checker better is listening to client reviews, suggestions and complaints. The latter, although unwanted and not talked about by most businesses is appreciated here. We understand that creating software that satisfies the needs of everybody, is functional enough, is versatile in terms of adaptability and has growth potential will be a marathon and not a short-term sprint. We’re in this for the long haul, so stick around to get progressively better service over time. Long-term positive impact and becoming the best similarity checker for your organisation/business is our top priority.

Why choose Oxsico?

Meticulous and scrupulous attention to detail without any compromise. In this way, and only in this way we can ensure that our service exceeds your expectations and helps achieve or even surpass set goals. We seek constant feedback from you and are heavily oriented towards building a great user experience. Besides just us building, the whole concept behind API technology and Oxford Similarity Checker is revolving around customizability, the delegation of responsibilities and decentralization. The working model is perfect for larger businesses, small branches of large enterprises and even small teams made up of a few persons. If you’re small, ignore the size and look at the bigger picture. If you’re a giant – you should know that the devil is in details and investing your time and resources into something which simplifies processes and makes everything around work more fluently is definitely worth the investment.

If your goal is to deal with the plagiarism in the simplest and most efficient manner possible, us working together would be very beneficial for both parties. No matter what you do or where you are based in, the values we communicate and spread, if they mean anything to you, choosing Oxsico– high-level similarity checker is a no-brainer. With years of experience in the same field behind us, Oxsicoknows what to bring to the table and does it. Consistently.


Let's get in touch to discuss what benefits could we bring to your operation.

A little bit about plagiarism

Plagiarism, what do you know about it? Wikipedia defines it as an act where someone or some organization wrongfully appropriates or steals publications. In its core, plagiarism is an act where individuals or organizations take someone else’s work (in this case – written) and claims that to be their own doing. Plagiarism is dishonourable, shameful and very very shady. With the short-term value and success it brings albeit the huge risk and potential downside, many individuals look at it as the best way out of a complicated situation. We disagree and never put short-term over long-term.


“A thief who gets away always thinks he is successful and ahead. However his or her conscience can do wonders and burn the perpetrator from inside. Totally not worth it.”

If you look at plagiarism from the standpoint of authors and dedicated content creators – it’s no better than theft. But, society’s perception and attitude towards the latter and the former differ drastically. It is probably so because physical theft is considered more damaging than idea theft or stealing content. These two thefts are equal in harm but estimating the value of the damages caused is more difficult. Even though punishments and barriers for those who choose to plagiarise documents and texts are set, statistics show that there is no significant impact towards reducing the occurrence of it. High or low-income countries, Western or Eastern world – there is roughly the same amount of plagiarised content all around us. The only effective way to deal with it is by using special software and technical solutions. Catching plagiarism with the naked eye or mechanically is close to impossible. The 21’st century unlocked tons of possibilities for every individual as well as business, yet some individuals seek to exploit and benefit from it illegally. Only the right preventative measures like starting to use a similarity checker, like Oxsicois going to save your business and content long-term. There isn’t any method which is cheaper, more efficient and quicker than Oxsico, the Oxford Similarity Checker!

Some facts about plagiarism

  • Roughly one out of three students plagiarise and have admitted to doing so. If we count in the human factor of not recognizing the fact that they have plagiarized something, the number is going to be higher. Some estimates claim that it is closer to 50 or even 60%.
  • The most prominent source of plagiarised content is the internet (~90%).
  • Around 80 to 85% of the students who admitted to plagiarism claimed that they were not caught or have not received any punishment.
  • Almost all of the students who admit to plagiarism (~95%) knew that they did something wrong. This shows awareness and indicates that the choice to plagiarise content or copy work was the last resort or a result of troubling circumstances.

Student numbers who admitted to plagiarism:

  • close to 65% – cheated on a test by copying notes or someone else’s answers
  • around 60% – claimed that plagiarised content made up a significant part of at least one of their assignments
  • almost 97% – agreed to the fact that they plagiarised or copied homework answers, answers on a test or participated in some kind of plagiarism – cheated.
  • only 16% – told that they were caught doing so or after doing so and were punished. Most punishments, however, were nullified tasks or requests to rewrite. Less than 1% of the students received serious punishments like suspension or got expelled.
  • Even though there is no official data, some smaller surveys and researches tell that plagiarism numbers increased about 10% over the past 16 years.

So, we can clearly see that numbers tell a compelling story about plagiarism. Even though the comparison might not seem fun or sweet, plagiarism is like a disease, corrupting everything around it and forcing people to believe things which are not true. We do not believe in installing harsh laws or punishments to be the most effective method of dealing with the problem. The main reason why people opt to use this measure is that hardly anyone is caught doing so. Lazy individuals or those who find themselves with their back against the wall choose to act. Even if those acts are dishonest and dishonourable, people do plagiarise and cheat. The worst thing, once again is that universities and organizations fail to catch them. With Oxsicoyour team or institution is going to see a drastic increase in plagiarism detection. 21’st century technology, if put in the right place and to good use can do wonders for you!

Benefits for SEO agencies and content creators

  • Refined and better-optimized content. If you check the SEO performance of content before the implementation of Oxsico and after using it, the difference is staggering.
  • It is equal to good marketing and in fact is the best marketing if you provide a good service to your clients. Oxsico surely helps deliver the best possible SEO service.
  • Any other software probably takes a while to check, or you have to pay a lot of money to use it. Oxsico has flexible pricing plans to suit the needs of every business.

Benefits for schools and universities

  • Retainment of academic honesty at the highest possible level – those who plagiarize can be caught immediately and your reputation, as well as prestige, remain intact.
  • The slow integration and implantation of a certain mindset in the heads of students and young members of the academic community that plagiarism is not something you can get away with. It is a benefit proven psychologically, but its effect is not visible immediately after. This will be a long and marathon-like process but will build great value.
  • More involved academic community, students will include themselves in the studies much more than before

Oxsico - what impact will it have on your business or academic reputation?

If your line of work is legal, publishing, SEO or journalism/writer, you definitely know how important a plagiarism detector or similarity checker (they are the same thing essentially) is. Nonetheless, GO’s and NGO’s, investment firms – every business, private office or a non-profit organization on the face of the earth needs good original content. If you are buying it from an external source or outsourcing the writing services – checking the similarity score is very important. We can integrate and help build an easy-to-use platform via API solutions. Delegate responsibilities to your staff and Oxsico is going to take care of the rest.


“With plagiarism rapidly rising in frequency amongst students, we have to step in. Oxsico provides solutions to academic organizations, and they work!”

The service we provide is definitely more than meets the eye. We know that Oxsico has to get down and dirty to do a lot of invisible work. Only then it can fully satisfy and meet the needs of clients. However, let’s put abstract theory aside and list the purpose of Oxford Similarity Checker and its obvious as well as not so obvious perks.


For high schools, colleges, universities and academic organizations. The primary purpose is preventing cheating and copying from the life of students.

Any other business is definitely better off with original content rather than duplicate or knock-offs. Small, medium or large – doesn’t matter. What matters is your attitude towards the improvement of your business and Oxsico can definitely do that.

Not yet convinced?

Let's get in touch to discuss what benefits could we bring to your operation.